A Magical Microwave!

It's not really magic cover
It’s Not Really Magic
Schroeder and Sanderson

Direct from the youth cookbook section, some awesome recipes that the kids can handle with those newfangled microwaves! The magic microwave can help you make:

  • popcorn (but use your popcorn popper first! Does anyone still have a popcorn popper?)
  • scrambled eggs
  • soup from a can
  • hot dogs
  • sandwiches
  • and my personal favorite, Surprise Meatloaf (see recipe below and prepare to gag a bit.)

Of course this is a relic from yesteryear, but I do think there are way better microwave cookbooks out there. Think of the children! Please weed and upgrade!


Before you begin

surprise meat loaf

zippy popcorn mix


  1. I still have an air popper. I like it much more than that awful microwave stuff in the bags with the carcinogens.

  2. Microwave popcorn is pretty gross. (Just google “popcorn lung” for one thing.) Sandwiches heated in the microwave are vastly inferior to those heated in a toaster oven.

  3. The meatloaf recipe doesn’t look too awful (depending on the type of cheese used) — but it would still likely be better if cooked in a real oven.

    Agree on the grossness of microwave popcorn! I make mine on the stove, or used to, before I got in the habit of getting my popcorn fix at the local movie theater — it is an independent non-profit one, and the popcorn is popped before your eyes in a big old popper, and they put real butter on it. The last popcorn attempt in my house was rather a fiasco, come to think of it — my son did not appreciate the unsuitability of olive oil for this purpose. Had to throw away the pan 🙁 .

  4. I always make on the stove popcorn using Olive Oil… no problems here. Also you can just put popcorn in a brown paper bag, a bit of oil, and staple it. Yes, staple. Google Alton Brown’s popcorn for more info…

  5. I forgot to point out that I looked at the picture of the meatloaf before reading the recipe and I thought the pickles were slices of banana.

  6. Meat always seems to get rubbery and dry in the microwave. I can not imagine trying to cook that nasty meatloaf in there!

  7. But the microwave IS magic!!! If you’ve ever reheated leftovers by putting a plate over a gas burner, you know how magic it is! My gradmother never locked her back door until we bought her a microwave in 1980, and she loved it so much she wanted it safe!

  8. They refer you to another page to figure out how to make cracker crumbs!? Is it possible not to know how to crumble crackers?

  9. I think there are far better ways to cook today without having to use a microwave. About the carcinogenic microwave popcorn, several years ago I actually burned a bag in the microwave which gave a horrible toxic smell. Never again.

  10. I don’t have a popcorn popper, but I also don’t have a microwave. My popcorn gets made the really old fashioned way, in a pot on the stove!

  11. You can buy a microwave popcorn POPPER. We have one and use normal popcorn in it. You don’t need oil and it’s very good.

  12. Ew… I couldn’t fathom the idea of cooking a full meatloaf in a microwave. The entire thing just sound unhealthy… And the dill pickles?

  13. “You can buy a microwave popcorn POPPER. ”

    You can also just dump some popcorn in a paper or wax paper lunch bag (with a dab of oil / butter and salt if you wish), fold the top over a few times, and nuke til the popping rates slows to 1 or 2 seconds between pops. Comes out perfect every time.

    “Microwave popcorn is pretty gross. (Just google “popcorn lung” for one thing.)”

    Not if you make it yourself. No “popcorn lung” to worry about either, unless you add your own toxic artificial butter topping.

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