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How to get a job on a cruise lineHow to Get a Job with a Cruise Line
1991 (First Edition)
1992 (Second Edition)

I am sure all of you who have seen an episode of the Love Boat wondered what it would be like to work on a cruise ship.  I am sure it is just like a vacation.  (Kind of reminds me of people who think I get to read books all day because I am a librarian. Yeah. Right.) Well here is your inside scoop!  Here you can learn all the cool inside stuff to be the next Julie McCoy.

Of course any career materials this old are going to be suspect. (Insert my tired old rant on dated career materials here.) Even if we forgive the age, this book lacks some basic truths about real work.  High on travel, romance, fun, etc. and low on solid information about skills, wages, and working conditions.  There is even a bit about gentlemen hosts, which I didn’t realize was an actual career. Evidently mature men are hired to “entertain” the single women with sparkling conversation and good dancing. Hmmmm. I never knew this.

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  1. I once knew an older man who worked as a cruise ship “gentleman.” It was his job to be seated at dinner with single ladies, dance with them, be available for any sports that required a partner, etc. He said he spent a lot of time playing bridge. Since its more accepted for single women to travel alone now, I wonder if those jobs are even still available?

  2. I actually got a job on a Cruise Line using a book like this. Of course, it didn’t prepare me at all and really only served a mailing list to send resumes to. The real secret to getting a job on a boat: send a resume to every cruise line’s staffing office and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. I got hired as a Nightclub DJ with no DJ experience, but the hirer didn’t care because he called me on Thursday and I agreed to leave (for six months) on Sunday.

    Oh, and the “Romance” they mention on that page? My boat would fire you for fraternizing with the guests too much. A Casino Attendant got suspended for giving a passenger a hug. I almost got suspended for having a conversation that was “too long.” 😛

    By the way, I’m not a librarian, but I freakin’ love this site. Keep it up!

  3. They forgot to add “lame clipart” after “romance”. “Thin” and insubstantial books on serious matters like careers shouldn’t be acquired to begin with.

  4. I know a gentleman host! I forgot about that. Widowed father of a friend of mine, he gets paid to go on cruises and dance/socialize with the older single woman. His daughter refers to his new career as ‘Dad’s a gigolo now.”

  5. Evidently mature men are hired to “entertain” the single women with sparkling conversation and good dancing. Hmmmm. I never knew this.

    Never saw “Out to Sea”? (www.imdb.com/title/tt0119848)

  6. Why were there two editions back to back within a year for such a book lacking good career info? Did the second edition have slightly more three dimensional clip art?

    And, I would love to work on a cruise. If only it means I can sail away and never have to see anyone in my family for the next six months, I am all for it.

  7. Andy: in the beginning, they got their clip art from clip art books, from which they would “clip” (with scissors) the desired art, and paste it onto the prototype document (with glue). But by the early 90’s, when these books came out, they probably got it on a CD-ROM (although it may have come with a book).

  8. Josh, a friend of mine said the opposite: She dated a former cruise ship staffer who said on his ship male employees were expected to attend to the female guests er, needs.
    Somehow I doubt that option’s in the book.

  9. I never wanted to work a cruise because of Love Boat, but I’ve always wanted to GO on one because of that show.

    Too bad I tend to get sea sick.

  10. Mary wrote: “Evidently mature men are hired to “entertain” the single women with sparkling conversation and good dancing. Hmmmm. I never knew this.”

    Mary, have you never seen the movie “Dirty Dancing?” Patrick Swayze’s character Johnny provides all sorts of “entertainment” for the female visitors. And he’s always on duty to make sure no one puts Baby in a corner! 🙂

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