A Hijacking Love Story

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Hostage Nurse

This book features a dangerous theme of a hijacking bringing together our hero and heroine.  At the time this was published, airplane hijackings were in the news all the time. It was almost a joke at the time. No doubt this book would have been the very definition of a contemporary romance.

Childhood pals Alex and Jenny dreamed of careers in medicine. Jenny is a nurse and Alex is a newly minted intern. Jenny worked in orthopedics and when Alex rotated into her service, she noticed he had turned into a jerk with a God complex. (big surprise) Jenny called him out and the next thing you know he is calling her “one of those bra burning women that want to be men.” Jenny dumped this “smug tyrant” and now dreaded telling her family that the relationship was done.

Jenny’s friend Toby was a flight attendant (back in the day that was stewardess) and she scored some tickets for a charter flight for Jenny and Alex so they could head home to Miami for a vacation. Of course, the plane was hijacked and a man was shot. The plane set down on a deserted island near the Bahamas. As medical personnel Jenny and Alex had to work together to save the people and out smart the madman hijacker. Alex and Jenny forgot why they were arguing and decided that the relationship was back on. Alex was still a jerk.



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  1. Her dress is almost half off her body but her nurse’s cap is still perfectly seated on her prefect hair. Yeah, right.

    Cherry Ames graduates to Harlequin Romance?

  2. Sounds like dating Alex for all those years is going to cause much more trauma to her psyche than a hijacking.

    I vaguely remember Johnny Carson and other comedians making hijacking jokes at the time.

  3. The Cover Art!!! Note the ripped uniform top; so suggestive of violence…or heavy petting??? BUT hair is perfection and her little nurse cap sitting perfectly on her perfect hair. I bet she doesn’t even have a smudge on her fingernails.

  4. Alex: Oh Sandrine, recite me a poem.

    Sandrine: Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re a jerk, good-bye to you. That’s all you get, you’re not even worth a quatrain.

  5. I’d rather read Bring Me A Unicorn! Though Anne Morrow Lindbergh would be offended that her work is advertised in something like this! (Do read her diaries, they are truly inspiring._)

  6. Why is Jenny wearing her (or course sexy) nurse uniform if they were flying back to Miami for a vacation? And why was Toby, who was only a high school acquaintance, so upset that Jenny broke up with Alex that she refused to accept they had broken up and gave them free plane tickets to try to get them back together?

      1. Inquiring minds want to know. But not enough to actually read the book 😉

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