A Flower Child Goes to Vietnam

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Michael Douglas is our featured hottie for this Friday Fiction book. Douglas plays a naive kid that decides to join up for Vietnam and is preaching love and kindness. Evidently, he thinks by just be nice (and very cute) he can stop the madness and get everyone to stop shooting.

I read about 30 pages and it really is very dated. The book is peppered with lots of groovy talk and the obligatory “father and son don’t understand each other” dynamic. This book is very much a product of the time, and for those of us of a “certain age” it might be fun to experience the flower children once again.

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  1. I’d never heard of this (book or movie) and that’s my era. I looked it up:
    Upon the film’s October 1969 release, Vincent Canby wrote: “In Hail, Hero! you can see Kirk Douglas, even younger than he was in The Champion in 1949, in the person of his 25-year-old son, Michael. This new Douglas has his father’s extraordinary, Fearless Fosdick jaw, the suggestion of his dimpled chin and the cool, gentle eyes. He also possesses the almost manic, physical buoyancy that compels attention even when it bears little relation to the circumstances in which the actor finds himself. It’s not an especially memorable performance, but it’s an energetic one, and without Douglas, Hail, Hero! would not even be tolerable.”

    I’d never heard of John Weston, either. Kirkus liked his first novel, “Jolly.” https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/john-weston-4/jolly/

    Since I returned from ALAMW with about three dozen ARCs and new books I think I’ll skip John Weston. 🙂

  2. Geeze Karl, being rude to your highly religious mother is not going to change the world. My dear old Dad is a creature of the 50s, and when he goes on how all the problems in the country are caused by the decline in belief in Christianity, I just nod and smile.

  3. I’m sure there were some hippies in Arizona.

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