A Dream Guy for the 1980s

kirk cameronKirk Cameron: Dream Guy

Having a few Growing Pains? Missing your pre-teen crush? Prepare to feel old. Kirk is pushing toward age 50 now. This little paperback is typical of the picture heavy teen idol biographies that were staples of book fairs. We have featured quite a few over the years. They are usually low quality paperbacks with pictures and only a brief biographical sketch. I think they are sometimes excellent for reluctant readers, but the shelf life of these items is short for any collection.

Modern Kirk Cameron is a whole different story.


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  1. I’m a Christian. A fairly conservative Christian. And Kirk scares me…

    I remember he was so popular during Growing Pains that after he became born-again, he dictated what should and shouldn’t be in the show. Also, who can forget Saving Christmas? I certainly can’t…

  2. Ugh I am just about Kirk Cs age and I can honestly say I never had the slightest crush on him…and most certainly dont care for him now due to his hyper-religious beliefs and televangelism…

  3. Ah yes, Kirk when he was cute and relatable, and not sticking anti-evolution rants in Darwin books.

  4. The cover gave me a wave of nostalgia because I 100% remember this book being at my book fairs in elementary school, and I think it was in the mail-book-club fliers too. There were definitely a few girls in my class who had this. I was more of a “Ben” girl myself, as he was about our age (and even more so later when he got the glasses and longer hair).
    About ten years or so, my then-boyfriend and I remembered how much we loved this show and decided to rewatch it. Obviously we know that Kirk is creepy now but thought we could put that aside. What we couldn’t ignore, however, was all of the references to Tracey Gold’s weight, keeping in mind her battles with an eating disorder. We were in middle school when that happened, and our teachers used that as an opportunity to approach the subject with us, so the memory was strong. So the “piggy” comments were eventually what made us stop watching, which made us sad because we had fond memories of the show.

  5. you must think I’m ancient because I was no preteen in the ’80s, I was in my twenties and never had a crush on this guy!

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