A Doctor Visit for the Kids

how the doctor knows you're fine

How the doctor knows you’re  fine

I’m not a fan of this title. The illustrations are giving me the creeps. Take a look at the last picture. I don’t think this kind of picture is going to reassure anyone.

The details are kind of bothersome as well. I don’t think well visits will be as naked as this book indicates. I think they would happily give anyone a gown or some kind of covering. I am quite sure this book can be weeded without anyone missing it. Right now I am in the mood to cancel my doctor’s appointment.


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  1. That cover illustration had me HIGHLY confuzed for several seconds: testes and penis, or uterus and vagina? I cannot be the only person who saw both before my brain parsed it more fully.

    1. ab, that is *exactly* what I was thinking. The guy at the traffic lights looks like he’s perving on the kid in the shower! Talk about poor picture placement! Ick!

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