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Submitter: We recently moved to a new (smaller) town in a new state. I was super excited when we found out that the library is walking distance from our house. And the library looked good, from the outside. Inside is a different story. The books are very hit and miss. The kids section is small and out of date, and there are gaping holes in the adult section. Don’t even get me started on the young adult section. There is a saving grace: they are a member of a network of like 130 libraries in the state so we can request pretty much any book we want. Anyway, my daughter (9) is a huge Dino fan, and this was one of maybe 6 books on dinosaurs that they had. It’s old, and held together with tape. The hand drawings are old, and while in color, that color is green. The about the Dino sections are out of date by today’s understanding (brontosaurus anyone?), and it’s just dated. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter is planning to make everything in the book and I’ve already looked it up on amazon (less than $4 plus shipping) but it just isn’t what I was expecting from the library. The tape, stained pages, slight tears, and age make it something I never thought I’d see in a library these days.

Holly: Sad trombone. Checking out your new library for the first time is such a hopeful situation. To find it less than stellar is disappointing. I hope this inspires you to attend library board meetings, or join the Friends of the Library, or volunteer there. Sounds like they could use the help.

How to make a dinosaur front flap

How to make a dinosaur front flap

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  1. Actually, I’ve read that the brontosaurus is back from extinction now, but that doesn’t make this book any less outdated.

  2. As to the brontosaur… it “came back” in 2015.
    The book? Old and in poor shape, but even the submitter is buying a copy, so it’s still worth keeping. Maybe the newer dinosaur craft books aren’t nearly as nice. I home schooled for many years, and we’d have loved to find a book like this.

  3. But a new study brought brontosaurus back as a species distinct from apatosaurus in 2015! This book is accidentally correct again!

  4. Small town might not have money for new books. :-/ Ask them on the sly and maybe we can sponsor a fundraiser to help them update their collection. I’m broke but if a GoFundMe or something was set up I’d kick in at least $20.

  5. It may be pretty ratty, but this books seems to be a lot of fun. When your daughter is finished with it, maybe you could donate it to your library.

    1. Actually, rattiness and recent circulation would be a good sign. Worn out books are at least worn by use.

  6. That whole “The brontosaurus isn’t a real dinosaur” thing happened in 1903. It wasn’t some kind of recent revolution since we were kids. It’s just for whatever reason, people liked the junior synonym better and basically had to be reminded every couple of decades.

    1. Actually, it’s valid again – as of 2015 Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus are considered two separate kinds of dinosaur. O. C. Marsh wins again. Leave a book in the collection long enough and it all comes round again, I guess!

  7. don’t worry we made them all female [20 seconds passes] oh my god dennis nedry we thought we could play god with papier mache

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