A Case for Bra Burning!

Dressed to KillDressed to Kill
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Submitter: “Now let me just say, I am all for breast cancer research and finding a cure. However, I don’t really ascribe to the belief that my underwear = cancer.  And when one really looks closely at the book it becomes apparent that it is not the underwear itself but ill fitting underwear that is the enemy. I mean the way this man describes the way his wife’s unmentionables fit sound barbaric and unnecessary. I don’t think this is why his wife got cancer though. Nor do I think the small study he conducted is viable.   So on the basis of this book being 90% + obsolete, redundant and most importantly full of one sided bad science I am sending it for you to see. ”

Holly: I appreciate that people are looking outside the box in terms of cancer research.  However, this is 14 years old.  Further research definitely needs to be done if this is to be taken seriously.  The other problem is that the cover removes the last shred of credibility this book may have ever had.

  1. Hold the phone – this was published in 1995? That wasn’t THAT long enough ago to justify the “it was a different time” excuse like the farm book a previous post. Yet it was before self-publishing on the internet…so the craziest thing about all of it seems to be that not one, but MANY people thought “hey, he’s got a point” – or at least enough to greenlight the publishing. Who knows, though, it might have been all men in that conference room and they got sucked in by the title.

  2. I still remember my father telling me in the late 70’s how I would get breast cancer from sleeping in my bra. I still have a hard time sleeping in one but that may have more to do with wire poking me.

  3. Unless your underwear is made of asbestos, I can’t see the cancer connection.

    Based on scientific evidence, there are a lot of things that can contribute to the development of cancer–underwear is not one of them.

    Weed now!

  4. This was a serious theory at the time.
    I remember as a teenager in the 1980s people would lecture me and give me scientific articles claiming that not wearing a bra, wearing an underwired or badly fitting bra or sleeping in a bra would all give me cancer.

    It was bad enough being a teenager having to wear an under-wired bra because of my size, worrying that my breasts were about to explode on me at any minute if I didn’t buy the exact right underwear did not help with my self-esteem.

  5. I am wondering if different bra styles affect the type of cancer? Strapless vs Underwire Vs Pushup Vs Sports. Could be for the sequel of this book.
    Shelly, just back from shopping with her daughter for bra’s and still recovering from the trauma.

  6. I believe the risk of having saggy boobs outweighs the potential (imaginary) problem of getting breast cancer from my bras. How does this really qualify as a “theory” anyhow?

  7. Let the book go. That idea is just as silly as the assumption you’ll get AIDS from a toilet seat.

  8. Credibility, Shmedibility. I see nothing wrong with this cover — other than all those words and such getting in the way. Maybe Molly has a point — the boardroom full of men didn’t get sucked in by the title, but rather the artwork.

  9. As a male, I would be interested in the follow-up book “Dressed to Kill II: The Link between Sterility and Tidy Whities”.

    1. I think it’s “tighty”, not “tidy”. Although I like your version better. Recent studies show that it titilates 34% more.

      (I shudder to think what would make them “untidy”…)

  10. I remember when this book came out it caused quite a stir! My aunt who rarely wore her size A bras got breast cancer. I wore size D underwires until I had a benign tumor removed. When I complained of post op pain, 2 doctors and a surgeon told me it was the underwires irritating the scar tissue. Stopped wearing wires and pain was gone!

  11. Rachel, thanks for the link!

    I’ve read about bras causing cancer , and until now believed this to be true. What a relief!

  12. Okay, this book is ridiculous – but I did have to ILL it for a library patron once in about 2004. She did not want to hear the alternative research (trust me, I tried!). At the time, I was glad some PL had it, so that I didn’t have to purchase a copy for our library.

  13. bra’s no, anti-persperant, possibly. To the first poster: there is some legitimate research to prove some link between the heavy metals in some deodorants and nearly all anti-persperants to cancer.

  14. based on how women wear their bras it can increase risks to tumors and cysts. if women bind themselves in their bras and buy incorrect sizes or wear them too small the majority of their lives, it can increase risks for those things, which increases risks for cancer. don’t be so quick to judge! but the cover it kinda funny.

  15. I was always told by my dear old aunts and my maternal grandmother that I could get breast cancer by making armpit farts at the age of six. Another way of getting cancer from their perspective was picking my nose and eating the boogers ( something about the toxic pollutants that nose hairs catch mutate in the stomach after eating boogers).

  16. Just in case you think this book and its information has been dismissed since 1995, think again. Our library just bought a new book (2011) called “Killer Clothes: How Seemingly Innocent Clothing Choices Endanger Your Health — And How To Protect Yourself,” by Anna Maria Clement. Some stuff in the new book is probably legit, like how dyes, detergents and manmade fibers in clothes can seep into your skin. But it also has the “don’t wear a bra” stuff in it. Sorry, the only person who can get away with that is Princess Leia, because according to George Lucas, “there are no bras in space.”

  17. I don’t think one person in this group bothered to read this fantastic book. You all seem to judge a book by its cover, which, by the way, is selected by the publisher and not the author(s).
    If you took the time to read this book it could save your life. Btw, I am a breast cancer educator. This issue is for real.