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This is one of those all encompassing craft books. I can get on board with a big book of crafts, but some of these are more complex that a 1-2 page write-up. The step by step process from the title is a bit thin. Most of the articles are just an overview and maybe some detail of a particular technique. I doubt experienced crafters are going to find anything of value since the material is pretty superficial. Craft newbies probably would find this lacking as well. Since I am not sure the experienced crafter or the newbies will get much out of this book, who is it for?

One of my favorite techniques on a keep or weed situation is to think of a specific patron that would like/checkout this book. If you can’t think of a specific patron, than take out one more step, and think of a particular type of patron that would like this book. If you can’t think of anyone other than a couple of librarians who would stick it on a website and use it as an example for selection/weeding, than I would let it go.



drying and preserving flowers




  1. Someone who wishes they had a hobby might find some value in a survey book like this, but I don’t know if hobbies come about that way to many people. Still, a contemporary book might be more inspiring than one with tiny black and white pictures.

    1. Except at least two of those pieces are knitted, not crocheted. There IS a difference! Sigh.

    2. Crochet never went away. Ugly crochet projects make a reappearance every few years, but most of us don’t make things like that. Crochet is much, much more than granny squares.

  2. “Fashion” people keep trying to bring back ugly crochet, and the rest of us keep rejecting it. You never see the “fashionable” types touting afghans, baby clothes, and all the non-hideous crochet.

  3. I remember those pictures! My parents had the German translation of that book at home and as a kid I spent HOURS browsing through it and looking at the photographs (I couldn’t read yet). I actually thought about it recently and wondered whether my parents still have it because I loved it so much.
    It obviously doesn’t help much if you want to get better at a specific skill, but I learnt a lot of “this is how you do it, like, generally” about a wide variety of crafts, even without being able to read the text.

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