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For the over 40 crowd, can you remember these shows? (Extra points for the under 30 set.) This is another example of youth nonfiction from yesteryear. There’s nothing really special about this book, although I didn’t realize that Helen Hunt was in the Swiss Family Robinson show. Actually, I didn’t even remember the TV show. The book was probably better.


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  1. If the book of Swiss Family Robinson was better than the show, the show was really bad.

    Granted, I’ve never read SFR, and I didn’t even know there was a tv show, but I’m following someone on Twitter who’s periodically live tweeting it as they reread it. To say the author had no idea wtf they were writing about is a vast understatement.

    1. It depends on which version they were tweeting. There isn’t any “authoritative” version of Wyss’s original, so there are versions with wildly differing content and especially endings. That said, all of the ones I’ve run across did require a good deal of suspension of disbelief and/or lack of knowledge South East Asia.

    2. The Disney movie was pretty good, with Tommy Kirk and “Moochie” (Kevin Cochran) riding the ostrich! Made you want to live in a tree house! Didn’t watch the TV show.

  2. I remember the Swiss Family Robinson. It used to air for years on Saturday mornings before the cartoons came on.

  3. I have to locate a copy to read all of Randy Mantooth’s part.

    That Land Rover he speaks of sadly was destroyed in a big Malibu fire back then.

    I love that he advocates for real first responders now and co2 awareness since he almost fell
    victim to a faulty furnace once.

  4. I’m in my early 20’s and I’ve seen many episodes of Little House, but the only other show I’ve heard of is Bob Newhart.

  5. When I was a kid I bought Peggy Hertz’s books every year from the Scholastic catalog. I had from ’76 to ’81 I think.

    1. Me too! Without the internet, it was the best way to find out about the shows my Mom wouldn’t let me watch.

  6. I collected each of these Peggy Herz books when I was in primary school. TV’s Fabulous Faces and so on. I still have them–and can access them now. I have often wondered though: who is Peggy Herz and what does she look like?

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