365 Shortcuts to Decorating

365 shortcuts to decorating

365 Shortcuts to Decorating

Looking for some decorating tips? Here is your book! The author sure did love prints. I got a headache just looking through the overwhelming of matching….everything. It is also amusing to take a look at study areas and realize there is no room for any kind of computer, printer, etc. The matching look was quite the trend back in the day. I think most of this resembles homes I remember from when I was a kid.

I was just reading an article (I can’t remember where/what) but it talked about how the pandemic has changed what people are now wanting in home design. Dedicated office space and larger spaces were at the top of the wish lists for new homes. Can you imagine spending the pandemic working from small desks and then trying to relax in that awful bedroom?



bedroom with patterns

casual seating

desk and shelves

living room furniture


  1. It’s like a wallpaper factory blew up all over the book.

    And why is everything in black and white? That doesn’t make the illustrations any more appealing.

    1. Would you REALLY want to see these photos in color?

      I think not. Maybe if you wore a welding helmet.

  2. The idea of a book about decorating having all black and white pictures…

    Here’s a tip: If you have to describe the color of something in your caption, rethink.

  3. I can HEAR the wallpaper. Even in black and white.

    That desk is too small even for the times. Textbooks were big, and where are you supposed to put the typewriter for your papers? And no drawers? I’ve still got my desk from not much later than this — when I was in single digit grades — and it’s got 3 small and one big drawer.

    Bet there’s no den/TV room with space for the giant console TVs of the age, and this house looks much older than the date since there don’t seem to be any closets. I live in a house built in 1965, and the closets aren’t walk-in, but the bedrooms and the entryway have them.

    1. If you bent over your textbook to examine a table or illustration closely that projecting shelf corner would gouge your scalp on the way back up.

    2. I suspect there are no closets in this house because it’s not a house, it’s a studio set. And yes, doing your homework on a one-foot-wide plank sitting in a hard cane chair is ridiculous.

  4. Dorothy Draper was tres chic in her day. She decorated the Country Club outside of Cleveland that my father joined after he divorced my mother. There was a bar done all in zebra print, ceiling, walls, bar, upholstery and the bar top. WILD! BIG BOLD prints and colors, including a hot pink womens card room.

  5. How do you fully open the shutter door that “adds to texture picture” with those curtains hanging in front of it? How do you sit on the left end of that sofa without bashing your head on the shelf? Why is the “unusual shaped piece” included a “shortcuts” book if it is “hard to find”? Are there “shortcuts” to dusting the ornaments covering every available surface?

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