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looking, working, living terrific 24 hours a day

Looking, Working, Living Terrific 24 Hours A Day
Cho and Lueders

This title sounds exhausting. At my age, I think showing up for work with my hair combed is an accomplishment worthy of my next performance review. (Holly take note!) This was published at the time the mantra of working women was “I can do it all!” (See this commercial for Enjoli perfume, and you will get the idea.) Those of you old enough to remember this, get ready to cringe.

This book combines looking good with career/personal success advice. I will cop to buying into this type of dressing for success looks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the budget to sustain this look and it really didn’t make me powerful in my job. (Naturally, I moved to librarianship so I could have the real money and power!<<sarcasm)

This would have been an appropriate purchase back in the day, but it should have been retired in the 1990s. In 2022, it just seems quaint.



Looking Working and living terrific 24 hours a day back cover

Making it-Beyond Superwoman

day to night

office looks

transition outfits

Go for it!



  1. Today, call this book twee! Wear a tee tiny fascinator while you read it. The hat’s gotta be wee.

  2. Ahahaha! I have a photo of that book in my “wall of shame” folder of items I’ve weeded over the past ten years. When I first started as library director, there was a LOT of outdated material in the stacks…

    1. Feel free to share with us! 🙂 I think that having a few examples on hand really helps when talking to staff or patrons about weeding (de-selection). I find that medical and job hunting books illustrate this the best.

  3. Too loose and slouchy for work! Ha! Coming of age in the 1980s meant that I still feel like I should wear a three piece outfit (top and bottoms plus vest/jacket/sweater/scarf) and a piece of jewelry. I do wish teachers would subscribe to a little more of a professional tone in dress. And that my students didn’t wear their pajamas to school. Now I just really want this book!

    1. Well if teachers saunter or slobber in in the morning, students will wear pajamas to school and nothing more and hopefully nothing less.

  4. 24/7? I gotta look glamourous and put-together in my sleep? While I’m drooling and snoring? Talk about unrealistic expectations.

    I am my truest self in a t-shirt or sweatshirt and jeans. I am at my most untrue self in a dress, and heels are completely out if you want me to do anything requiring standing or walking. Luckily my only substantial job was in a grad school division, where nobody but the top boss had a tie on — and he didn’t wear a jacket with it. Our ultimate boss from back East showed up once, IIRC he was in a short-sleeved collared shirt and slacks.

    (Actually I’m my truest self when naked, but you can’t leave the house like that.)

    1. It’s a blind date, she’s just gotten a look at him from afar, and is trying to decide if she wants to go back to the office instead.

      1. The “dress for the job you want” line I used during the pandemic when I started working from home and realized I could wear whatever I wanted. If I wanted to be a princess for the day I could wear a gown. I chose to wear a raccoon suit on this day of discovery because I wanted to be a raccoon. I then posted photos of me taking out the trash as a trash panda. That is a women in power who knows what she wants.

    2. I think we need to let that b* word go the way of many others: it is inherently sexist if not misogynist.

  5. I was 14 in 1982, so not worried about dressing for success, but I still remember seeing so many articles about day to night dressing, shown here on page 57. The “great night’s play” outfit is still the same stodgy suit with a different top, bag, and shoes. It doesn’t really scream “let’s go to the club” or even the movies. I always thought that day to night concept was pretty ridiculous.

  6. Would you possibly want to make that link to the Enjoli ad open in a separate window? That way, people won’t have to type in your URL again after they close the video page :-).

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