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Creative Interior Design
A Complete Guide to designing and decorating your home
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Here is another book on home decorating. This one is from the 1990s and has a pastel country look. The overly pink softness feels odd – almost like you were living in an Orange Julius shop. I guess I don’t think of a pink/orange palette as particularly appealing. But I digress…

This isn’t as bad as some decorating books we have featured on our site. The point is that these materials are subject to fashion trends. These books need to be regularly weeded and updated.


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  1. Who has the money and time to wallpaper or upholster? I think this is a lot like cookbooks, pick one new recipe to try your hand at.
    But with decor I think these books need to fill the pages to justify a manuscript. Nowadays decorators suggest to keep it simple to make changing the decor easy and inexpensive.

    1. I prefer paper finishes yo just plain paint. It makes rooms a lot warmer. In the UK most houses are brick built, rather than timber framed, and exterior walls with plater on the inside give more echo if not papered. We proved this to ourselves a couple of year ago, we had the kitchen and dining room redecorated and went with the recommended strip the wall back and paint it. It made the dining room colder and echoy. One roll of wallpaper later, problems solved.

  2. “This one is from the 1990s has a pastel country colors.”
    >and has?
    >>a colors?
    Or maybe you meant to write “This one from the 1990s has pastel country colors”?

  3. I like these rooms, because I like floral and soft designs, but they’re overdone. You have prints, with prints, with more prints. Mix in some solids!

    1. All designs in prints fit ….. in the decor of one room.
      One stop shop till you drop, every prop goes plop.
      The decor is never a bore, but may make you sick.

  4. Agreed. Painting is much quicker, cheaper, and easier to update than wallpaper. When I moved into my house, one room was wallpapered with something that would have been considered OTT in the 70s. A friend swore she could hear it. I painted right over that.

    Paint, swap out the pictures, get throw pillows or maybe slipcovers. Your future self will thank you, as will your realtor or the next buyer.

    And be sure to weed continuously. Maybe once a year the librarians should get rid of decorating, fashion, crafts, and cookbooks that are 10 years old.

    Was this found in a US library? Because that “colour” spelling and sticker on the back say Canada. Close enough, I guess.

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