1980s Fashion-Now in Plus Size!

fashion math coverThe Lane Bryant
Fashion Math Make-Over
The Complete Fashion Guide for Women Size 14 and Up
Lulow and Geddie

If you are looking for some 1980s fashion ideas, your wait is over! Since there isn’t a lot of fashion help for the over size 14 crowd, it is nice that this book exists. However, it should probably be weeded by 2020.

All your 1980s favorites are here: shoulder pads, bulky/long sweaters, overly permed hair, dropped waists, high waist pants, weird sleeves, etc. Such a sad time for fashion.

I am still trying to figure out the math part of the the title.






  1. Amazing. Every type of clothing in 1987 that was popular was every type of clothing I hated back then as a teenager. And still do now.

  2. Is there any time in which fashion doesn’t end up being sad and ridiculous?

    The “Silhouette News” page is particularly tragic. Those outfits would look dumb on skinny women, and I don’t even want to think about how they’d appear on your average Lane Bryant shopper.

    I went in there once to buy a gift for a friend, and at the time I weighed 110. The saleswoman literally said “You’re in the wrong store” and — I am not kidding — made the “shoo shoo!” gesture with both hands. Since this was pre-internet, and time was of the essence, I didn’t walk out.

    She was dressed unflatteringly too, everything was a size too small.

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