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Osmond brothers

Osmonds and the New Pop Scene

I am sure if you are of a certain age you will identify with some of these “new” pop scene acts. Extra points if you can name everyone on the cover. Although the Osmond brothers are the featured title holder, there are lots of pictures of the early 1970s pop culture crowd. In case you are keeping score, I can name everyone on the cover and in most of the other pictures. However, some of the groups, I have never heard of. (Mike Curb congregation? Rock Flowers ?)

How sad is it that I can name pop stars from the late 60s/early 70s, but can’t remember things like where I put my keys. Too bad we can’t “weed” my brain of some of the more useless knowledge.

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  1. The name Mike Curb Congregation rings a bell, though I admit I don’t remember any of their songs. And of course I recognize Michael Jackson. (I’m 60 and was in my teens in the 70s but was never all that into the era’s pop music.)

  2. i remember the Rock Flowers, a trio of dolls promoted by Mattel. The group was formed to promote
    the dolls and vice versa. I had a plastic pink 45 record when you bought the dolls. Seventeen Magazine described their album as “pleasant.” I was only six years old and I thought it was pretty lousy, but i was a Jackson 5 fan.
    Another toy company, i think Hasbro, came up with Love, along with her friends Peace, Flower and Soul.

  3. I don’t remember the Rock Flowers at all but I’d love to know what their outfits looked like in color.

  4. That Osmond brothers book was from before little Jimmy came along. Everybody hated ‘Long-haired lover from Liverpool’, but the grown-up Jimmy Osmond is really nice and sometimes appears on British TV.

  5. “You’ll meet the Osmond Brothers and learn about their exciting lives on and off stage. You’ll meet others, too – stars like David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Mark Lindsay, The Brady Bunch, The Dolls.”

    The only act I’m unfamiliar with is the Dolls. I like to think it’s the New York Dolls, but somehow doubt it.

  6. What was Butch Patrick doing at this time? I remember he recorded a single in 1982, “Whatever Happened to Eddie?” but that’s about it.

  7. Wow, just watched a Mattel Rock Dolls commercial! It was really cool, but I don’t remember these dolls or the pop group. I was around 9 years old at that time and watched all the Saturday morning cartoons, but I just don’t remember this ad.

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