1,001 Decorating Ideas

1001 decorating

1,001 Decorating Ideas
Carter, Editor

Yet another book of decorating ideas circa 1972. It’s still got a groovy vibe but its early enough that avocado green and harvest gold haven’t made their mark yet. The decor features a room by room plan for updating your home. My favorite is the carpet of what looks like Astro Turf in the kitchen. Bright colors dominate and the wall accessories are overdone (this is my way of saying ugly). I am not sure one should jam a French Proven├žal look with those ultra modern colors and furnishings. I don’t think we have 1001 good decorating ideas.


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  1. Color printing in those days made everything look so garish — not just home interiors but also food, fashion, whatever.

  2. My favorite is the re-sized and newly fringed carpet. A few more moves and the thing will be reduced to a carpet runner or floor mat.

  3. It’s probably not a good idea to have things in your kitchen the same shade of pink as Pepto-Bismol. It might make people think that’s what they’ll need after sampling your cooking.

  4. You know who needs this?

    Set designers for TV shows such as “That 70’s Show” and “The Kids Are Alright.”

    Of course, they can also find these exact same decorating books in far too many thrift shops, alongside the 1970s clothing patterns and fashion books. (Ask me how I know.)

  5. That’s not astroturf, that’s shag! A relative of mine had (a while ago) new shag carpeting put in and bragged about it by showing off the carpet rake that was supplied with it for refreshing the pile.

  6. Man, alive…just imagine what those rooms must have looked like at night lit with cheap, clear 70’s bulbs. Room after room of deep shadows and pools of yellow-brown light splashing across acres of ugly carpet. How many nights do you think the owners spent re-evaluating their life choices?

    1. Before LEDs became as good as at present, I dreamed of my own house that I would install 4 foot dual tube shoplights everywhere in.

  7. We had the exact same tile shown in the “family room” in our kitchen when I was a kid.

  8. Upholstered chair and sofa (!) in the kitchen? And shag on the floor — don’t they realize how hard it is to get spilled food out of shag carpeting? And why the horrible color — it doesn’t go with anything and it is intensely ugly all by itself. Actual Astroturf might be preferable — and I despise Astroturf.

  9. If you change out the yellow for white or cream in the bedroom, I think it would look beautiful and classic. I also love the wood furniture in the family room. But the last rooms are just too much. The kitchen looks like a watermelon and the living room looks like it belongs in The Brady Bunch.

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