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Here is a nearly perfect relic from the 1960s sitting in a public library, just waiting to be selected for ALB. I get the feeling the excellent condition of this book means that either it was a donation gone wrong or a terrible purchase in the first place. I have no circ data to call upon, but my money is on donation sometime before the library automated. There are some lovely old processing relics still attached to this book.

Again, cookbooks do go in and out of fashion so weeding is important, especially since space might be an issue. I have picked some of the more attractive pictures to get your taste buds excited. Women, you might want to pay special attention to those recipes to keep your man satisfied.  I dare someone to eat the food presented in the last two pictures–the Winter Garden Loaf and the Frozen Fruit Salad.

Bon Appetit!

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winter garden loaf

frozen fruit loaf




  1. Ahhh, remembering that long ago time when lamb chops of any sort were considered thrifty. Now you have to take out a loan to buy them! Growing up in Florida, we froze cans of fruit cocktail and then ate it with a spoon, kind of like a chunky slushy. It was very cool and refreshing back in those no AC summer days. But that concoction in the book looks nasty!

  2. My mom occasionally made something like the frozen fruit salid for parties, church functions and things like that when I was a kid in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She would put the mix in mini-muffin cups to make individual servings. I don’t think I ever ate it so I can’t say if it was actually “luscious”, though I have my doubts.

    The winter garden loaf looks horrible. I’m kind of glad its photo isn’t in color.

  3. The very last picture looks like a core sample from a drill into a fat mine. I’m almost certain Lileks has posted it somewhere.

  4. I wouldn’t eat the Winter Garden Loaf, but I’d tip my hat to anyone who makes it properly- getting that suspended effect in an aspic is a lost art.

  5. I love how the caption of the pineapple ham loaf says it’s “bursting with real ham flavor.” As opposed to fake ham flavor? And, no, it does not look handsome.

  6. I’m somewhat embarassed to admit that that frozen fruit salad is a family tradition that appears on my mother’s table every Thanksgiving and Christmas without fail. My brother and my father eat huge quantities of it. I never knew where the recipe came from, but there’s no question that that’s it.

  7. You know, the cover of this one isn’t bad at all. I was expecting it to be from at least the 80s. Barely a hint of the nastiness to come.

    Really, what *was* the obsession with “loaves”?

  8. Oh aspic or as my husband loves to refer to it: ASS-pick. Has anyone ever seen the movie Dinner At Eight? Classy and wealthy matron Millicent Jordan (played wonderfully by Billie Burke) is horrified because her cook has been stabbed and she cannot serve aspic for dinner. Then she goes on a rant about it because all she has left is crab meat. . “I’m half out of my mind! Do you know what’s happened to me? I’ve had the most ghastly day anybody ever had! No aspic for dinner! And Ricky in jail and Gustav dying for all I know, and a new butler tonight and that Vance woman coming in. And having to send for crab meat. Craaaaaab meeeeeeat!”

  9. GASP! Maraschino cherries with the stems ON as a garnish? Do you think this is the Ritz or something? What am I–made of money?!

  10. Shudder, that winter garden salad does indeed look like a piece of art — by Damian Hirsch (the one who exhibits sliced animals in lucite, etc.). But, my grandmother used to serve things like the frozen fruit salad — though not frozen. Fruit cup set in jello in little molds, decanted onto iceberg lettuce leaves, then dressed with a combination of cream cheese and mayonnaise diluted with a little milk to make it mixable. She died in 1999 so it was not terribly long ago when I last ate some. I can taste it now…and frankly, compared to her brown green beans and hockey-puck hamburgers, it was likely to be the high point of the meal. I did love her dearly but she cooked everything far too long.

  11. I have to say, looks can deceive. My mother had a bing cherry salad I always thought looked nasty and had too many random ingredients (cherry jello, coke, cream cheese, nuts, bing cherries as I recall) and I never tried it as a kid or even an adult. She’s been gone about 7 years and I finally made it in her memory, at Christmas last year. It was so delicious my husband and I were eating it out of the bowl with spoons.

  12. My dad grew up eating nasty vegetable stuffed jello “salad” and made it a point that it would never be served in our house. Very thankful for that! It looks so awful, I’m gagging just thinking about eating slimy gelatin with chunks of green beans.

  13. I love orange Jell-o with shredded carrots in it, so I’m trying to hold back my gut reaction to the Winter Loaf, but… green beans? Really?

    The picture is unappealing but the frozen fruit salad doesn’t sound too bad to me. Sorta like an ice cream Waldorf, heh.

  14. I was intrigued by Sandwiches Stroganoff until I hit the quarter teaspoon of monosodium glutamate. These pictures have caused by tastebuds to shrivel up and die.

  15. Why do I get the feeling James Lileks borrowed a few pics from this in his /Gallery of Regrettable Food/?

  16. WOW! I’m totally in the cookbook mood right now and this is HILARIOUS. That winter loaf actually reminds me of Polish dish my parents made constantly, but they put carrots, pork and other stuff into a gelatin (shudder). Great find, glad it’s off the shelves and can’t harm anyone else now.

  17. I LOVE these old cookbooks! The Frozen Fruit Salad is actually very good. My mom used to make it for every major holiday and we just called it “The Pink Stuff”. One year she did not have red food coloring and made it blue. Nobody ate it. I still have to have Pink Stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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