“You’re Going to Make it After All”

Big City coverMaking it Big in the City
A Woman’s Guide to Living, Loving and Working There

I look at this cover and I hear the theme song to the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  It is almost as if this book were the nonfiction version of this show (and not nearly as interesting). It almost seems a bit dated for 1983. Career and relocation information is pretty light and the major emphasis is on finding a man in a new city. (Isn’t that why you moved in the first place?)

As an added bonus, this particular edition has a nice strip of mold growing along the inside binding. Yum!

Instead of throwing my hat in the air, I think I will toss this book.


big city inside flap

Meeting Men

Meeting Men, continued

are you a city person?



  1. I’ve lived in the city all my (LONG) life — a city of over 1,000,000. Yet I scored only 12 on the questions above. Should I move to the country? I thought I was reasonably satisfied, but maybe not….

  2. According to the author, this book will help me to learn how to “compete with talented people” in the big city.

    So if I move to the country, I only have to compete with untalented types?

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