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Your Wonderful Body

Your Wonderful Body
Books for world explorers : National Geographic Society
1982, second printing 1985

Submitter: Here is a book that is possibly timeless, but really is the most dated 80’s anatomy book.
Picture 1, Cover: poofy shorts and tube socks
Picture 2: Amazing kids with their Rubik’s Cube’s and award winning feathered hair, I mean poster. (She knows how to make a perfect triangle, on her forehead and in her drawings!)
Picture 3: tracking human development with the latest Tron technology.

Holly: Yes, very, very dated.  She does have some pretty sweet feathered hair, though!  I would argue that like any science, anatomy books should be kept in the five year range for collection development.  Possibly ten years, depending on the content.

7 Responses to Your Wonderful Body

  • Ooop! I’m hearing Rush’s ‘Subdivisions’ again! Always hits me when I see hairstyles from the 80’s.

  • What do Rubik’s cubes and a safety poster have to do with anatomy? I’m confused!

    And do doctors really use topographic maps of their infant patients?

  • Somewhere, John Mayer is preening.

  • I still have my extensive National Geographic Exporeres collection…
    The sad thing was those kids were geeky even when those were new.

  • I like the bragging “made by a computer” on the picture of the baby. Oooohh! Computers!

  • Quintillion forsooth!

    Would love to know what became of the Ubernerd with the Rubik’s cubes. Either went psychotic and did a school massacre in Michigan, or became a dotcom millionare (or quintillionaire).

  • Oh man, I had that book when I was a kid — it was GREAT! But totally dated now.