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Your Sex Pot Handbook

Sex Pots and Pans  - cover

Sex Pots… And Pans
The single girl’s to hooking her man-through cooking

Ladies! Are you worried about snagging that man? Today’s post features a guy telling you how to get a husband using your culinary talents. (Don’t you just love when a man is unselfish and gives you such good advice?)

Naturally, it also helps if you are pretty too. Combine the pretty and the cooking and you are well on your way to getting that husband you have always been pining for since you were a little girl.

Start cooking and heat up more than the kitchen!



Sex Pots and Pans - back cover

More than 150 ways to please the man

Page 7

Pages 8 and 9

Page 85

Kabobs Neptune recipe

20 Responses to Your Sex Pot Handbook

  • Wow, that was some sexist text in the scanned pages. Admittedly I’m old enough to have heard it all before, but jeez.

  • That’s written in a wry, tongue-in-cheek tone that isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, right? RIGHT?

    • It reads like bad late-1960s sitcom writing…

    • a wry, tongue-in-cheek tone that isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, right?
      Yup, just like the slightly-earlier-in-the-century racist humor that was all in good fun and was never meant to hurt anyone.

  • Ohhhh. So THAT’S where I’ve been going wrong.

  • My first reaction was “If it’s about hooking a man, why are there two women on the cover.” Then I took a closer look and… honestly, I’m still not sure, but I’m assuming that is a man on the left.

  • The last time I saw a guy wearing pants with suspenders like that was 1953 and he was my 3 year old brother.

    • I’m pretty sure the guy’s wearing a vest, not suspenders. Either that, or his pants come up a lot higher in the back than in the front.

  • Wow, the books that came out during my mom’s time…

    “Designed to please any man”? The man (man?) on the cover looks more lustful that pleased, and the poor woman looks tired, resigned and disgusted…

  • cover: “hmm what’d I forgot? oh that’s right a table. well there should be enough room for the lobster if I drape a tablecloth over the teevee”

  • I lost my appetite at the first time he refers to women as “females.”

  • I like chocolate mousse, but only when it’s in season. Ba dump bump chhh!

  • Too bad the book is so sexist cause the recipes look good. Maybe someone can take all the recipes and write a book called, “Forget The Man, Feed Yourself!”

  • “A steady year-round grind” – wow, how to make yourself sound appealing!

  • Trout a la reine: ingredients 2 trout, 2 slices bacon; wrap bacon around trout, grill over hot coals. Wait, what?? Maybe the Little Woman could fix it in the kitchen but when the recipe says “grill over hot coals” that says “cookery for guys on a fishing trip” !

  • Never trust the romantic advice of someone who starts off by quoting the bible.