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Your Mama’s Cell Phone

introducing cellular communications

Introducing Cellular Communications: The New Mobile Telephone System
Stan Prentiss

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?  Don’t you love the picture on the cover?

Anyone looking for a book about how to use their new iPhone or how to send text messages is going to be very, very disappointed in this.  There is no mention of voice mail either.

8 Responses to Your Mama’s Cell Phone

  • Ha! That was back in the days when they were called “car phones”. Looks like that woman has a sun roof in her car.

  • They had sun roofs in cars back in the 70’s I know because I had one!

  • Someone had to write a book for them?

  • Thanks for this informative post. It is so useful for me .

  • Obviously, there’s a direct correlation between the “car phone” user’s phone and hair. Mullets were necessary to accommodate the sheer bulk and heft of the phone, improve usability and not hinder satellite signals (ditto the sunroof).

  • I think she’s just carrying around a home phone and pretending she has a cell phone in her car.

  • It’s not even mobile, it has a cord…

  • Looks like an old-school carphone to me. Back in the 70s and 80s, the electronics for a cellphone were big enough that many users had them installed in their car, rather than carry around a “brick”.

    One of my neighbors had one in his work van when I was little (c. 1990), and the handset looked like a somewhat more advanced version of the one pictured.