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Nuclear War Fun Book coverThe Nuclear War Fun Book
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Didn’t have any cool fiction to share this week, but I did find this in my pile of weird books. I really didn’t expect to find this book still hanging around in a library, but I was wrong. WorldCat has a bunch of holdings and many are in public libraries. This humor book is certainly a product of the time. I was of the generation that hid under school desks in order to avoid The Bomb. This cracks me up. After you survive the atomic bomb from this book, you can get all your post nuclear holocaust activities and fun in this one.

It’s a blast!


Nuclear War Fun Book back cover

Nuclear War Fun Book about this book

history mystery quiz

paper doll nuclear wardrobe

fallout shelter library

fallout shelter pharmacy


  1. I can imagine young people laughing their heads off thinking this stuff up, but somebody actually publishing it? I’m just astounded.

  2. Urgh. This is kind of horrible. Did they also publish a Holocaust activity book? Seems right up their alley.
    On a lighter note, why is the paperdoll lady topless? She could wear the lead nursing bra over a camisole; we don’t need to see her cartoon boobs. : )

  3. The tampon is hilarious. I remember a lot of silly humor books from this era. I’m not surprised it was published.

  4. I take it this book is a parody of kids activity books, but actually meant for adults, like how The Daily Show wrote that political satire book but in the format of a high school history/government book.

  5. Surely this book wasn’t for kids. It looks more like a tongue-in-cheek book for adults. (Let’s laugh at what scares us.)

  6. This is how I imagine zombie apocalypse-themed books will look in a few decades; or I am I the only reader who thinks this book is ironic?

  7. This is how I imagine zombie apocalypse-themed books will look in a few decades; or am I the only reader who thinks this book is ironic?

  8. 111+ pages?? In only the couple pages you posted the joke is already wearing thing. I can’t imagine what they’d fill the rest of it up with.

  9. Being an 80’s kid I think that if I read this book back then I wouldn’t get the black humor, and never sleep ever again. It creeps me out even now.

  10. On the back cover it has “Humour” on it. Clearly it’s a joke, and like others have said, it is similar to today’s zombie apocalypse survival books.

  11. I had this book when I was a kid, and I didn’t think it was funny then, or even now. In fact, the entire theme around “being prepared” and “it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when” has influenced me very, very strongly for all decisions that I have taken in life till date.

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