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Your Breakfast Choice


Bricks for Breakfast

A very alert Facebook fan of ALB sent me this gem of bad processing. When I saw the book, I didn’t see or think “Bricks”.  “Dicks” popped into my brain instantly. Of course, my absolutely immature brain (and Holly’s) totally appreciates a wayward barcode making something innocuous into the funniest thing in the world. Truly, “unfortunate” barcode placement is one of my favorite “awful” books and we haven’t had one submitted in quite awhile. My day is made.

To all our fellow librarians with a 12 year old boy’s sense of humor, you’re welcome.


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6 Responses to Your Breakfast Choice

  • Yeah, that’s what I read too…

  • That or “Pricks”, which is equally unfortunate.

  • How do they even think to put it there when there’s a perfect blank space in the upper right hand corner? Some books don’t give you that choice but this book did. It’s got to be on purpose.

  • Yay! These are some of my most favorite “awful” library books too 😀 Even knowing it’s really supposed to be Bricks for Breakfast, it sure makes me wonder what the book is really about…

  • That barcode placement is the easiest one for inventory. Tilt the book, scan, tilt the next book, scan, etc….But still, there would be times when you would want to think about it.

  • Not only that, but this submission is immediately after one on the “Militant gay agenda”.