You may not need a psychiatrist, but you do need a librarian

You May Not Need a Psychiatrist coverYou May Not Need a Psychiatrist
How Your Body May Control Your Mind

Straight from the 1970s, we have another mind-body connection health book.  In this book he criticizes diagnostics with respect to those conditions as “mental” rather than physical maladies. Some of the more dramatic examples include epilepsy, high blood pressure, or anemia that can present as mental illness. The most interesting thing I found was a reference to restless leg syndrome, which I had never heard mentioned until they started selling drugs to cure it a few years back.

For 1979, this was a good choice for a public library collection. In 2014, it is far too outdated to be of any use to the general public. (As of this writing this book has not been weeded. Public libraries, if you are still holding this, it is time to let it go.)



You May Not Need a Psychiatrist back cover

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You May Not Need a Psychiatrist  back flap

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  1. Restless leg syndrome is real and horrid, not only to the sufferer butto the person sleeping with the leg. No one sleeps

  2. I think the reason nobody talked about restless leg syndrome before the drugs was that there wasn’t a treatment. If you had it, you just had to put up with it. I have two friends with it, and even with the medications they definitely don’t get a good nights sleep most nights. They just sort of ignore it as much as possible.

    Its amazing to me how many maladies could be put on that list…..and that *this* book is still on the shelves somewhere besides a medical history library!

    1. RLS really is connected with anemia. Along with nightmares, dark circles under the eyes, the desire to chew ice, and thinning/easily broken hair. You might want to tell them to get their iron levels checked.

  3. I’ve actually had RLS, which I blame on side effects of medication I was being made to take at the time. You don’t know how horrible it is unless you have it. I used to spend hours just pacing around until I got cramps but if I sat or lay down for even a few seconds it was like my legs were being gnawed by tiny animals under my skin. It eventually stopped after my medication was changed and my anxiety got better.

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