You can love your computer!

It's Never to late to love a computer It’s Never Too Late to Love a Computer: A Friendly First Guide

Submitter: [This book] published in 2000, [has] been on our shelves since that year. Circulation has been 0 in the last 4 years, but I would hate to have anyone just wander into the computer section and pick up one of these relics while browsing.

Holly: I agree. It’s fine to have a book or two on one or two generations of computer systems. For example, now that Windows 10 is standard, it’s fine to have a few titles on Windows XP and Windows 7 (a few…but concentrate your collection on the latest and greatest!). I hear every day from people at my library that their kids got new a computer and gifted Mom and Dad with the old one. (Thanks, kid.) If the book is helping them learn Windows Vista or (God forbid) Window ME, that is not helping *most* library users. The problem is that when people get a computer for the very first time – that is, anyone who would be looking for a book like this – they don’t always know what they have. They’ve heard of “Windows” but for the life of them can’t tell you which version their new machine has. This book has all kinds of tips on finding medical and travel information and shopping online, so it really needs to be up-to-date.

Never too late to love a computer contents

Never too late to love a computer contents

how does the software get in there?




  1. Love that last paragraph about CD-ROMS – this has come full cycle – it is getting difficult to find a computer with a CD (or DVD) drive in them these days.

    The chapters about what computers can do for you, and selecting a comfortable work space are probably still relevant, but the Mac vs PC has come a long way since 2000

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