You can have GORGEOUS Hair!

Glamour Guide to Hair coverGlamour Guide To Hair
Conde Nast Publications

The Eighties live again in 2012 in this lovely selection from a medium sized public library.  I am sure teen girls in 2012 are lining up to check this book out so they can look just like Mom back in 1986. Also this particular edition is being held together by about a mile of book tape. I imagine that someone has spent hours lovingly taping this poor creature so many times that it is actually more tape than book. Holding Library: I think you can safely retire this gem. For 1986, this was a good choice. The information is decent (even if it reads a bit like a commercial for hair products).

Now everyone have fun tonight and possibly, if time permits, Wang Chung tonight.


Glamour Guide to Hair back cover

Curly style

Woman on the phone

Best styles for different shaped faces



  1. They say square-shaped face as if it is a bad thing. I’d love to have some perceivable jawline. 🙂

  2. To sort of quote “When Harry Met Sally”: I’d like to have what the lady on the phone is having!

  3. I actually wish my non-permed curly hair would look like the girls in the photo! I dont think this is too horrid! You know some people have a bad hair life!

  4. I was unaware there were certain hairstyles for different heights. Face shape and lifestyle, sure, and I guess weight makes some sense, but height? What, is having the right haircut going to make me look taller? (And if so, could someone please inform me what haircut that would be?)

  5. I would have loved to look like my mom circa 1986, she was gorgeous and she knew how to dress in style.


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