You can be a mom and have a career!

Part-time solution coverThe Part-Time Solution
The New Strategy for Managing Your Career While Managing Motherhood

I had my first child in 1990 and I thought that all of these advice books (many featured on ALB) were mostly useless. I think I personally read most of them. The assumption was always there are choices and options for working.  I remember exactly ZERO women with “choices”.  Add in a nice pile of judgment and guilt for both stay-at-home moms and working moms, and you have a recipe for a nice little mental breakdown.

Of course in 2014, this book is so outdated for many reasons. Technology and economic hardship of the last decade have rendered this book obsolete. Weed it and don’t look back.


Part-time solution back cover

Part time solution inside flap

Test One for those working full-time

Test two for those at home full time

Becoming a telecommuter

free from household chores



  1. This book should be weeded simply for the repeated references to husbands “baby-sitting” their OWN CHILDREN!

  2. That whole last spread makes me want to curl up and die. Consider the tone of the following sentence which, in my head, is barked out by the sergeant in “Full Metal Jacket”:
    “You WILL continue to keep the refrigerator stocked, the house clean, the clothes mended and pressed, and book the baby sitter for Saturday night!!!”

    Also NEWSFLASH: If you are taking care of your own kid it is not considered babysitting! For gosh sakes people!

  3. Ugh! On pg 234 and 235 they keep mentioning the father “babysitting” the kids. Dads don’t “babysit” their own kids, it’s called parenting. Also some of the plaints on the cover sound perfectly legitimate, not every woman can afford to work part-time, part-time work can be difficult to find, and plenty of companies wouldn’t necessarily agree to it. This book is completely useless.

    1. As well as insulting to everyone. The item about the father getting the kids ready for bed was awful.

  4. My mom “went behind” my dad’s back and found herself full-time work in 1958. With a few years off after I was born, she worked until she retired in 1985 or so. She did do all the housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Dad…was a great guy…and perfectly clueless, though he was able to make basic meals for me and keep the house in a general sort of order. Shopping, though, shopping threw him for a complete loop when mom was hospitalized in the early 1990s: “I had no idea how much food cost!!”

    But yeah, my son was born 1993 and these books sucked. Kill them all.

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