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Yesteryear in the NFL

The New England Patriots

Submitter: This is Patriot Nation where I found this book, so perhaps that’s enough incentive to keep this 35 year old book on the Pats. It certainly looks like it got a lot of use over the years. Unfortunately, this book was written before our 8 appearances and 4 wins in the Super Bowl. With our recent win, there have has been a glut of new books written on the Patriots, so I am not sure this one is worth keeping. Interestingly, the library I found this at has the complete series in offsite storage. So I can’t get my hands on the Bills, Saints, Lions, and etc. (They even have one on the old St. Louis Cardinals!) Drat.

Holly: What is it with storage? What is the goal of storing library materials? They aren’t being truly archived or preserved if they are stuffed in boxes or on shelves in warehouses or garages or basements somewhere. What is the criteria for putting something in storage vs. weeding it? As Submitter points out, there are lots of newer books on the Patriots available.

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6 Responses to Yesteryear in the NFL

  • We have storage as a status, but not off-site, and it is easily retrievable by staff. We use it for all the extra copies of things like Divergent/Hunger Games/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Etc that you have to have when the books are wildly popular, then they fade for awhile but comes back with a boom when the movies or new books come out. 🙂 We absolutely do not store ancient sports books!

  • 1981? Tom Brady was 4 years old and deflategate wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye Man, that is definitely out of date

  • I think storage should mean, “Wait a day or two and you’ll have it,” not, “We have it but you can’t, nyah nyah!”

    • That’s what it means in my library system. I’m grateful, because I often want to check out older books that are not on the shelves, but are still available because of storage. They’re in the online catalog and can be found and requested that way.

      • That’s what I do at my academic library. They get mailed back to us. It has its positives and its negatives.

        My local public library has a storage facility, and even though the books are listed in the catalog, you cannot request them. :/