Ye Olde Career Guide

Career Guide HandbookCareer Guide Handbook
Including a directory of personnel consultants
National Association of Personnel Consultants

This book is still in a public library collection as of this writing. This manual is mostly a listing of personnel consultants by state, and the remaining 20 pages are some very limited pieces of advice on want ads, interviewing, and resumes. (I have included MOST of the advice below.) I am not even sure it was a useful purchase back in the olden days, as it is more a directory than career advice. Of course the question is, why does a public library still have this old book floating around in a career section?


How to conduct a job search

Knowing What to Expect



  1. What? This is the perfect book for a time traveler. If you get stuck in 1987, you will need to find work 🙂

    1. Eh, just take Dr. Martha Jones with you. She’ll get the job to support you while you try to figure out how to defeat the Weeping Angels and get your TARDIS back.

  2. “Don’t expect traps or tricks. There will be none.” Like heck! Better to read “Job Interviews For Dummies”.

  3. Directories of any kind were extremely useful before the internet existed. But they were only current for a few years.
    I can’t imagine a use for this one now.


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