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Wrestling for Gay Guys coverWrestling For Gay Guys

Of course I wanted to look at this book. The cover and title are just too interesting. I know almost nothing about wrestling so I can’t tell if this book is a put on or not. The information seems like any other sports book about wrestling with the small segue into some relationship and dating advice. Any gay wrestlers out there want to weigh in on this?


Wrestling for Gay Guys back cover

Gay Problems and Hang-Ups

Sensitive punching points

Teaching plan and hygiene



  1. “You should have a bath…. Can you manage that?” is an example of what NOT to say, I would think. It comes off as quite insulting.

  2. I see the title and I think, “Foreplay?” or is that just too wrong?

  3. I assume that dating, and also purchasing your steroids, involves the Internet a lot more today than it did in 1995, and probably a smart phone. You don’t have abs like that and not photograph them. Going by Google Images. (My first thought was simply that you don’t have abs like that. But it turns out that you do. Apparently. They could be spray painted on. You can have that done. Take that, Grindr!)

    So those parts must be out of date. On the other hand, a new book would immediately suffer the same problem. Facebook is one step away from voice recognition (they’re launching a music ID feature, so they’ve got Ricky Martin logged; logically, everyone else is next). And no steps away from blackmail; they already have a page for blackmail (to report it).

    So the present day world is a moving target.

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