Workout with Daddy and Me

A Hair Raising Book

Workout with Daddy and MeWorkout with Daddy & Me
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Submitter:  I perform collection development for the audiovisual materials at a small public library.  I found this tape while weeding the remnants of our VHS collection.  In addition to being dated technology, it looks dated.  The fashions especially do not hold up—please note the air pump shoes.  Also, the solid blue background that stays the same throughout the movie does not make for a riveting visual experience.

Holly: I agree – easy weeder.  I’m sure the moves are fine and it’s a nice idea to have family workout time, but it definitely looks old.  The blue background makes it seem like cheap production, too.   That guy on the cover looks like a cross between Dave Coulier and Kevin Nealon.  Full House meets Weeds. Nice.

Workout with Dadd & Me back cover


  1. Based on the description of the actual video – solid blue background – versus the box’s description of “wild and colorful settings”, it sounds like some production budget got lost along the way and they couldn’t add in the animations they were planning on. Too bad.

  2. 30 minutes looks long enough for this, lol. Our library doesn’t even carry VHS anymore – though several libraries in our network do.

  3. When I started reading this I thought it was going to be weeded because it is a VHS. Right observation, wrong conclusion I guess.

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