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Women who drink

Women Who Drink

Yes, this is still in circulation as of this post. Don’t make me go off on another rant about medical information from another century. Folks,you really should be looking closely at things more than 5 years old. Other than an archive, no one should have this book in general circulation. So there.

Note the questions on the back cover. Question 1 : Do you have a daily desire to drink? Everyone I know that pulls time on a reference desk wishes they could drink. Might make some patron encounters more enjoyable. In fact, my boss and I discuss the merits of stocking a bar in the back room about once a week.

Although I am joking, it really is important to remember that regular people with problems depend on the library for (wait for it) CURRENT information.


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3 Responses to Women who drink

  • What on earth is in the glass on the cover? Can’t be a Manhattan — no cherry. And what else is served in a glass like that? I am left with the conclusion that it is sherry — ugh. Yes, you would need to have a drinking problem to get tight on sherry!

    Also, kind of a strange lipstick print…

  • Judith, I was wondering the same things.

  • “Woman has always drunk…but…she has never had an easy time of it”? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

    I get the impression this book is trying to say women shouldn’t drink at all and if they do, they’re probably alcoholics.