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How to Raise Your Child To Be A Winner”
Hawes, Weiss, and Weiss


Another feel good book for the late 70s and 80s.  This time your kids can be self-fulfilled, if you help them. Lots of advice on how to “fight” for your kid. As a youth librarian I have run into my fair share of parents “fighting” for their kids.  They do homework and research for their kids and I even had a parent ask if I could create a “gifted” summer reading program.  (Some cynical fellow youth librarians suggested maybe doing a “Tolstoy for Twos”  program. Think we could do War and Peace with puppets?)



2 Responses to Winning!

  • Maybe I should have fought for my children’s “ultimate self-fulfillment’ Oh well.

  • I’m surprized anyone would want to claim a copyright, or even admit authorship, of the jacket… especially that cover “design”.