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Submitter: We’ve been weeding a lot of animal books lately. The skunk photo is my favorite.

Holly: The pictures submitted are priceless. Too bad they aren’t in color! This was great for its time, but there are definitely more current books on the topic that include more current laws and what can (and cannot) be kept as pets. My neighbor feeds the critters that live in the woods behind our houses, and the darn things are super creepy: raccoons that come out all times of day looking for a handout, ducks that chill out in the garden, deer that don’t look twice when you cross their path…it’s just not right.









The cat family


the author and friends


  1. Knowing what we know now about the underground exotic pet trade…some of these books can be cringe-inducing.

    1. You’ll have to see if your library has a copy of her biography, “Josephine, the Friendly Moose” by Paul A. Elbert (sadly out of print but available used at Amazon).

  2. I am sooo glad I live in one of the few states that regulate what animals can be kept as pets. Sure, there are some weird exclusions–ferrets are notorious, and what’s the reasoning behind barring gerbils while permitting hamsters? But it means nobody can walk into a pet store, say Ooh-it’s-cute-I-want-one and walk out with an animal that you have no idea how to care for and no veterinarian in the area knows the first thing about.

  3. That little girl really looks like she doesn’t want to be holding a skunk. And riding an ostrich seems just wrong.

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