Who Cares About Disabled People?

Who Cares About Disabled PeopleWho Cares About Disabled People

Submitter: I suspect it’s a series of “who cares about…” but still, it made me laugh out loud.   It’s 20 years old now (according to World Cat, which also revealed it’s still available…) and reckon it’s probably time to weed.

Holly: I reckon you’re right.  What an unfortunate title!

something wrong with them

Submitter: Dang, here I thought the mini mental state test was the gold standard for measuring senility, apparently it’s just that you wear mis-matched socks.  That’s me screwed, I’m forty and already do that.

disabled people


  1. Illustration style says 1970sish.

    “Old people sometimes look strange…” LOL @ her striped sock! Anyone know what the next line after that is? It got cut off in the picture.

  2. I’m going to hell because this just made me laugh. That is a horrible title. I’m no stranger to wearing mismatched socks. I figure no one will see them so I’m screwed already since I’ve been doing that for quite a while. Hell I did it when I was in high school. So maybe something is wrong with my brain which wouldn’t be such a surprise.

  3. Sad, but this book is making me laugh. That ‘something wrong with their brain’ set me off. I think something’s wrong with MY brain.

  4. I have seen this before in print and also on the huffington posts list of awful book covers. Isn’t it great? I wonder what the illustrator was thinking when rendering the mentally handicapped person stuffing her face…
    “Okay, I’ve got to make this person look really vacant, yet with a piercing stare that plunges deep into the souls of readers, imploring them to reevaluate their predjudices.”

  5. Whatever caused it I’m glad to say that elementary school is a better happier place for disabled people today than it was 20 years ago.

  6. I used to wear two different color socks just for fun.

    Of course there was a time I also wore leg warmers and denim mini skirts over stirup pants. Sometimes all three together.

    Does that qualify me for the book?

  7. I heard this did a lot better than the publisher’s previous series, “Who Gives A Rat’s @ss About Disabled People?”

  8. This put me in mind of ‘All I Want’ by The Photos…

    “Aunt Maybelline said it was a shame / Mom and Daddy said they weren’t to blame / How could it happen to our little flower / They think there’s something wrong with my brain”

    Could that girl be a zombie, and eating an actual brain that is somehow sub-standard? Who cares?

  9. 1) I have been laughing out loud for 20 minutes. I think that girl needs cork on her fork.

    2) You are the funniest people alive.

    3) I’m pretty sure that’s what I look like eating dinner after a day of teaching so there is probably something wrong with my brain.

  10. An elementary school teacher I am good friends with *had this book*. Not only that, she had several copies. Not only THAT, a differently-abled volunteer at the school had given them all to her. He at least had the good sense to go through every copy and glue the “Something wrong with their brains” picture to it’s facing page.

  11. @Figment: assuming they mean what I think they mean by ‘something wrong with their brain,” (which made me laugh out loud and I have something wrong with my brain and so does my kid) it could mean a variety of brain development or injury-related conditions that affect fine motor skills and/or developmental skills like cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, even Parkinsons or Alzheimers, I guess (although of course she’s a bit young for those).

    I think I am going to get that made into a T-shirt because I cannot stop laughing.

  12. WTF? So Old = Disabled?? My 76 yeard old mother-in-law would definitely have something to say about that, after she kicked your ass that is.

  13. Why is no one talking about the differently abled food! i mean come on is she a garbage pail kid what are they feeding her? carrots, potatoes and an extra helping of poo! maybe thats why most of it is on her shirt and not in her mouth cause its really really gross!

  14. 1989?!? Ninteen eighty-nine!! Is that a revised edition or a reprint? Because everything about the art style and fonts screams mid-to-late ’70s to me.