Where is Baby’s Present?

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Where is Baby's Present cover Where is Baby’s Present?

Submitter: This is a weed based on book condition, not content, and to be fair to the baby who ripped the wrapping paper off the page while looking for the present, that’s the first place I’d look, too.

Holly: Ha ha! This poor book was doomed from the start! It’s like a workbook: don’t buy it for a library collection unless you fully intend it to be written in. Lift-the-flap books are gonna be ripped sooner than later, so just know that they have a limited shelf life.

Baby's present rip in book

Baby's present ripped book


  1. Ha ha, cute book. But lift-the-flaps are really not a good idea for kids who can’t contain their curiosity. “Angels? Awww, I thought it would be money!”

    1. Maybe, despite it saying so across the top of the book, child and his/her parents thought it was a TEAR-the-flap book. It is a book about presents, after all. Maybe the poor kid thought the book had actual presents for them! đŸ˜›

  2. You know, honestly, I’ve run across a lot of these “Where is Baby’s” books from our library and others, and only a couple have been repaired or had the flaps ripped.

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