When the Computer Overlords Run the World

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Tale of the Big ComputerThe Tale of the Big Computer

Submitter: I came across this book while weeding the high school library I work at.  The school opened in 1959 and I don’t think anyone weeded a thing until I came to work here 13 years ago.  I am constantly finding “awful” books on our shelves. This is one of our favorites.  The blurb calls it “a chilling vision of a future time when the world has witnessed the fullest fruition of the technological revolution.”  Today, it is more amusing than chilling.  I’ve scanned the passage about “health factories,” which cracked us up.  It was probably a good book in 1966 but now it’s laughable, and definitely not something we need in a 21st century high school library.

Holly: And it has such an intriguing, inviting, exciting cover, too!


Tale of the Big Computer

Tale of the Big Computer


  1. This reads like Brave New World if machines sucked all the interesting characters and social commentary out of it. I’d put it in a Science Fiction section at best. With so many much better Sci-Fi books out there though, I doubt this one will catch anyone’s interest.

  2. It’s not even that novel–there were better books dealing with the Computers Will Rule meme back in the day.

  3. For a book about a dysotopian future, it certainly is dull. “Brave New World” is infinitely more exciting, and makes the point far better.

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