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Automobiles of the Future coverAutomobiles of the Future

My favorite part of the auto show is the concept car. Over the years I have seen quite a few interesting cars and I know that around my neck of the woods, this type of book would fly off the shelves.

This is such a fun book and my car culture public would get a kick out of this. The kids might even think it was fun. I love looking the future from the past. You could make a nice argument around here for keeping this little beauty. However, for kids nonfiction, I want something that would be more modern as concept cars are all about the future.

I would hang on to this treasure for a display. It’s a keeper for nostalgia, but not for a kid section.


Drive on,


Automobiles of the future back cover

Tomorrow's cars today

Ford Allegro and Aurora

Cycloidal propulsion

GM 3-wheeled Runabout

Ford Nucleon

Disappearing steering wheel


  1. This book is a lot of fun, and I really enjoy the built-in shopping carts in the Runabout. The only drawback is on wet days, do you really want to use a mucky cart?

  2. We always seem to see the future through the lens of the present. This is a good example: these are mostly space-age versions of 1960s cars.

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