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What’s the matter with the Dobsons?

Dobsons coverWhat’s the Matter with the Dobsons?

The Dobsons are a “good” family and have everything going for them. Or so it appears. Lisa and Amanda are sisters and each feels that the other parent doesn’t support them. Parents take sides and all hell breaks loose. Things get so bad the parents separate. Maybe this is a good book. I just thought everything was kind of boring from the description. I also am biased since the book just looks old. Without reading much, I get the feeling the reader is to “learn” from this awful family dynamic. Also, I can’t get past the porn stache on the dad. Let me just say this again: Covers matter!



Dobsons inside cover

Dobsons pages 6 and 7

9 Responses to What’s the matter with the Dobsons?

  • The synopsis makes the book sound as if children complaining is the cause of divorce. Sounds truly awful.

  • The vocabulary in this book! Stereos! Records! Lousy! Bosom! “Bawl her out”! What teenager today would read this?

    • Hey, I read old books for fun when I was a teenager. I’ll wager there are teenagers like me even yet!

      Seriously, it’s not dated language that makes a book unreadable. It’s that it’s a badly written book. Think of Nine Coaches Waiting or similar romance novels of the ‘sixties or earlier that are well on their way to being classics now. The people in them smoke constantly, have to walk miles to find a pay phone, etc. And yet, they are good stories, so we keep reading them.

  • Hila Colman was a big deal in YA books circa 1980.

  • Maybe that’s what the matter with the Dobsons – the father is a pornstar.

  • It’s sometimes hard to weed fiction, but at the very least, this book can go based solely on its condition. Eew.

  • Thank you, covers do matter!

  • Sounds like a Doris Sanford book.

  • They’ve been hanging around Doris Sanford’s neighborhood, that’s what’s the matter with them.