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What Rippling Muscles!

Bigger Muscles in 42 Days

Submitter: Here is a book that I just found on our booksale. Thank God it was weeded, although look how many exclamation points there are!!! It’s probably amazing! Who the heck is Keith Whitley!?! The font is horrible, looks like Impact Bold, maybe? It has fill-in sections for you to keep track of your body growth! It has weird and grotesque pictures of body builders in action and in speedos!

Holly: Write-in sections are never a good idea in a library book. I’d weed it on that alone, especially if those sections are filled in – which, of course, they would be. I personally find bulging veins kind of gross, but in 1992 this was a perfectly reasonable choice for a public library. The fashions in some of the pictures are quite dated now, though! (Like the second picture, below.)

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7 Responses to What Rippling Muscles!

  • That outfit is awesome!!! I don’t know which I like better, the parachute pants and heavy socks or the quilted cutoff shirt that says
    “bodybuilding”. That exercise with the weight around the waist can’t be too good either. It looks like he’s gonna bust a gut or
    be in for some disc problems later on.

    • The weight-around-the-waist thing caught my eye, too. Even leaving aside the long-term health risks, it seems like a good way to get pinched or bruised in a very delicate anatomical area. If exercising with a weight around one’s waist is a good idea (I have no idea if it is or isn’t), you’d think there’d be some type of equipment made for the purpose.

  • Yeah, gotta love those baggy pants! Back then, they were called Zubaz and now go by other names. Yes, they still make and market these wonders. (Yeah, I know: they help with lifting and blah blah blah… They were ugly then and they’re ugly now.)

    I can only hope that INSIDE this book they tell you that to keep these “BIGGER MUSCLES”, you pretty much have to devote your life to working out, hours on end, every single day. (Insert a few dozen exclamation points for emphasis.) Goodness knows they ‘forgot’ to mention that little fact on the cover.

    And, finally, let’s face it: most of the time, to get muscles THAT HUGE, the average person’s going to need a little ‘help’. (Something else this book probably doesn’t mention.) This is especially true for the more ‘mature’ person (see Sylvester Stallone and Mel Gibson).

  • What a he-man, lifting all those juice and milk jugs at the SAME TIME!

  • Is that a loaf of bread in your…oh, never mind!