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What Can She Be?

What Can She Be Architect coverWhat can she be? An architect

Submitter: Our local public library has 5 copies of [this book]. I like to think that books like this were the catalyst to get many more women into architecture. We see many at the school we work for. Google Zaha Hadid just to see what women can do. This book could use an update. Almost all design is now done with programs like Autocad, Rhino and others. Few architects just do hand drawings anymore. Also, I wish they had selected more interesting architectural photos then the ones posted. Those designs were pretty underwhelming even for the 1970’s.

Holly: I’m sure these were great 40 years ago, but they’re pretty silly now. These books aren’t inspiring girls to do much of anything, except for maybe be librarians to get this crap off of library shelves! (That’s an interesting strategy…) Bonus book from this series included below.


Different Buildings

hospitals, houses, churches

What can she be police officerWhat can she be? A police officer

Submitter: I found this book on the careers shelf at a small urban library in my area. The photos cracked me up. Not too current for anyone interested in going into law enforcement today. To put it in perspective, this book was published 10 years before Cagney & Lacey was on TV.

Holly: Could they not find a flattering picture of a woman police officer? These are not exciting or appealing at all!


Women police officers

two way radios

television interview of women police officers

6 Responses to What Can She Be?

  • It’s not that the books were bad when they were published. They should have been replaced with updated editions every ten years.

  • Check out the old tech in the car and on the set! If nothing else a modern book would have color photographs probably.

  • Please! Uncross your legs on TV! (but not as uptight as the lady cop)

  • These titles are in our very large library. We’re usually very good about getting new vocational guidance books. But I searched and there aren’t any newer items in our collection for women in architecture. And I was just reading an article that little girls who grow up reading about women in all the professions are much more likely to choose one for their careet

  • I actually like that they show the women police officers in “unflattering” angles. They’re working as police, not as models.

  • I sadly just got rid of our books from this series from my childhood…not relevant for our two year old. I do wish they’d been updated.