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Watergate for Kids

The Story of Watergate coverThe Story of Watergate

Submitter: I found this book in the juvenile nonfiction section of my small public library. Is it important for kids to learn about history? Definitely. Will any of them pick up this title to read about Watergate? I doubt it. The cover as well as the insides need to be updated, and I’m betting most of the kids who visit my library after school don’t even know what Watergate was.

Holly: Oooh, but those suited-up, balding white men on the cover with the orangey-pink background look super exciting! Imagine the drama and intrigue to be found in this book! Yeah, kids won’t see it either.

picture of impeachment trial

transcripts and tapes

14 Responses to Watergate for Kids

  • 1988 was about the time I (in High School) learned about Watergate, and this looks like it would have been a good source for the generation behind me. Today, it would be nice if kids’ books gave enough of an explanation so that they could understand why the “-gate” suffix gets added to every new Washington scandal.

  • This is the reason social studies was my worst subject in school.

  • Hey I had a lot of these as a kid and loved them so you never know.

  • I was in third grade during the scandal and I remember my teacher trying to explain it to us. It whizzed over my head.

  • I like how Ford’s flag becomes Nixon’s ultra-tight necktie.

  • Does Nixon here look vaguely like Biden now?

  • No offense, Holly, but: “suited-up, balding white men on the cover…”
    To be fair, most male politicians do wear suits to work, even now, and I seriously doubt that at the time, there were any negroes – or persons of any other ethnicity then white – involved in this level of politics.
    That said, however, this does look dated. I doubt if I would pick it up even as an adult looking for a quick explanation of the events. (I’m not American, so this wasn ‘t covered in my schooling! Lol!)

  • My mother has always said this about the Watergate scandal, ‘Nixon did what ANY politician does. The big difference is, he got caught!’

    • My mother said the same thing. My reply to her was, “Good! Let’s just open up all the jails and let everybody out. After all, those prisoners just did what a lot of others did. They just got caught. “

  • My daughter would probably read this book. Thanks to Futurama, she’s a huge Nixon fan.

  • Watergate has been mentioned in the current election, and if there’s not another book about Watergate that’s geared toward children, perhaps it should be kept.

  • That looks less like Nixon than Philip Baker Hall as Nixon.

  • That Liddy! So sexy, they had to cover his face. 😉

  • On a related note, the Watergate has just reopened as an innovative luxury hotel, after a multi-year, megamillion$ overhaul. The pictures looked pretty intriguing.