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Virility Can Be Yours!

Eat Your Troubles Away coverEat Your Troubles Away

Health and virility can be yours with a new diet plan. This is a pretty standard diet book, but Kordel gives us something really for the men: virility! Guys, it is just a matter of protein!

Do yourself (and your significant other) a favor and rethink that diet!


Eat Your Troubles Away back cover

Man! You can be virile at any age

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5 Responses to Virility Can Be Yours!

  • If this is a book on male virility, why is there a woman on the cover. etc.? To enhance male virility without protein and vegetables, perchance?

  • With a name like “Lelord” I hope he is eating enough protein.

  • I like a guy who can bench press a cat!

  • I had to let my inner geek run some numbers: Life expectancies today are USA 79 (23% higher than figure quoted in book), Australia 83 (28% higher), China 75 (250% higher) and India 66 (240% higher). Protein intake per capita per day, Australia 106 (588% increase), USA 114 (726% increase), China 89 (809% increase) and India 56 (571% increase). Things have indeed changed since 1970 but it’s an oversimplification to say that it’s just protein or nutrition. Vaccinations, education, and adequate access to contraception all have a huge impact on infant mortality rates which impact life expectancy calculations. I have to wonder if these 1970 figures are even correct, they seem so far off.

  • What are these videos?? Were you hacked — or am I?