Viernes Ficción – Linda Blair

Linda Blair book collection in French

Submitter: A truly amazing assemblage of books in Spanish, sensational Go Ask Alice-style tales of errant teens losing their innocence and generally behaving badly. And ALL OF THEM featuring photos of actress Linda Blair (mostly stills from a series of TV movies she did in the mid-70’s between the Exorcist films) on their cover. Is it any wonder young Linda had such a hard time of it?

Holly: Most of these – at least the ones I found in WorldCat – have copyright dates in the early to mid 1980s.  That’s what I would have guessed.  Unless you have patrons with that special combination of Spanish-speaking, 1980s-loving, Linda Blair fans, I think it’s safe to weed these.




  1. Based on the images and names, I think you have only two different actual books (or works, if you want to get all FRBResque: The novelizations of the ABC After-School Special “Sara T: Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic” and the novelization of the made-for-TV girls-in-prison movie, (explicit for its time) “Born Innocent.” Both of these were mid-1970s productions that deeply scarred and fascinated my sheltered, junior-high mind.

    It’s also possible that one of these is a novela of “Sweet Hostage,” which featured a psychotic but poetic Martin Sheen who romantically kidnaps Ms. Blair — again, mid-1970s. Again, probably warped me for life. Not that it would have taken this much.

  2. We’ve seen Sarah T. before on this site. I wonder what differences the Spanish versions have WRT the original English? Anything major?

    1. I’ve come to wonder if they are some kind of awful work-for-hire SEQUELS to the works mentioned above. My mind reels. And rebels. And I am thankful my Spanish is very limited.

  3. Did Linda Blair have a hard time of it? I seem to recall, to the contrary, that she was an accomplished equestrian at least at some point…

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