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Video Killed the Radio Star

Exploring Careers in Video

Submitter: I have found another woefully out of date career book at my local public library. I volunteer and help people long out of work find new careers or jobs. We need to use the resources at the large public library.  As a librarian at another institution, I can’t imagine not weeding a careers section at a such a large public library.

Holly: Today I present to you a two-for. Two equally ridiculous career books about TV and video. For the love of Dewey, WEED THE CAREER SECTION! Seriously. These are ridiculous.




TV Careers Behind the Screen

Submitter: This book was sitting on a small urban public library shelf in the career services section. Hopelessly out of date. Lacking anything current like digital TV, the internet or broadband. There are chapters that follow the day to day activities of a television show. Giving the reader what it would be like to work on hit current show. The one I chose to scan was Kate and Allie. I have never heard of Kate and Allie but there is a wiki entry for them. I also love the salaries of the News and Actors. Some of them are no longer alive.

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3 Responses to Video Killed the Radio Star

  • Our library has some of the equipment shown on page 76, for the community TV channel on the cable network that serves our town. It’s probably as old as the equipment shown. It’s been here since at least 1998.

  • Nice. Now I’ve got that song in my head for a while. “Put the blame on VTR!”

  • I’ve seen many an episode of Kate & Allie. Feelin’ kind of old now …
    But yeah, these books aren’t good for much, beyond a few seconds’ worth of nostalgia.