VD and Sexual Freedom

Teaching Kids All About Those Savages
Burt Reynolds Revisited

sexual freedom and disease

Sexual Freedom and Venereal Disease

This old fashioned discussion of sexual hygiene practices reads more academic than other commentary. Old fashioned views on women (and their relative “cleanliness”) are driving most the discussion, but in general the whole sex before marriage discussion is relatively mild and less judgmental than other publications of the time.

Of course the data are irrelvent to today’s researcher or student. Other library collections might consider this a collectible item, but public libraries can safely send this one off to an archive.




  1. I love the underline and the check mark. “The sexually transmissible diseases have become increasingly common.” That’s good, need to remember that one …

  2. “Slot machines” for condom supply? Is that a Britishism? If I am playing a slot machine, I don’t want it to dispense condoms, please!

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