Under the Sea

What do you see under the seaWhat Do You See Under the Sea?
Kalman and Hartley

Submitter: This book is too earnest to be performance art and too distractingly weird to be educational.

Holly: I don’t even know what to say. I guess you see clowns in weird deep-sea diving helmets under the sea? Fish wearing santa hats? It reminds me of those photo booths at Epcot where you can make a picture of yourself and it looks like you’re in outer space.

Mary: That cover creeps me out.

Under the sea back cover

coral reef

pic of kitten

Harry the fish

sea cucumber

spotted drum fish



  1. I love the expression on the cat’s face! Look’s like, “Holy crap! What am I doing here?!” or, “Holy carp! What a meal!”

  2. That looks amazing. I’ve snorkeled near Nassau and scuba dived in St. Thomas, but I must say that I have never been in one of the diving helmets. That a guy got his kitten to go under water with him is just flabbergasting! This looks like an interesting book to me at least.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go diving, but not if the ocean is full of clowns and school children and bad photo editing.

  4. I have this in my classroom! I have read it as part of our oceans unit. I begin by telling the kids it is really, really, weird.

  5. In the cartoon picture on that second scanned page…what is the male diver doing with his left hand?!


    “In case Harry is eaten by a bigger fish, Chris has trained two junior groupers to take Harry’s place.”


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