Ukraine Then and…Then

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Then and Now series
Lerner Publications Company. Geography Department

Here’s the good news: there are some gorgeous photos of Ukrainian people and places in this book. It is also organized nicely for older children, with usable data laid out in an understandable way.

Here’s the bad news: it is 24 years old. Those were 24 big years in Ukrainian history, and the data is no longer accurate. Wikipedia is a better choice at this point.

Ukraine is in the news a lot, and a great choice for those country reports that students are always doing. Give a kid a chance. Update!


What's next for Ukraine?

Fast Facts about Ukraine

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  1. Country books are so hard! The teachers like me to have them, but they are expensive, and I try to make sure nothing is older than 15-20 years. At the very least, I check periodically to make sure the countries still exist! It’s not easy for school libraries that are understaffed.

  2. Seems to be solely about the breakup of the Soviet Union – which I admit was a major thing in 1993, as was the uncertainty of “what comes next?”

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