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Two Guys! No Waiting!

2 guys noticed me teen fiction cover

Two Guys Noticed Me… and Other Miracles
1990 (original copyright 1985)

Our gal Jody dumped her boyfriend Matt and is now dating Travis. However, Travis and Matt are bitter rivals and Jody seems to be stuck in the middle. But wait, just as she is wrapping her head around two different guys, her mother shows up after abandoning her family for more than two years.

Marjorie Sharmat has been a library staple for decades. (Nate the Great books circulate like mad at my library.) From the reviews, I think this story might still work for today’s YA audience, but I doubt the kids could get past the cover art. In my opinion, cover art is EVERYTHING. No one wants to read a book that has cover art straight out of Mom’s high school year book.

Break out your leg warmers and cuddle up with some teen romance from the 80s,



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2 guys noticed me back cover

2 guys noticed me interior text



2 Responses to Two Guys! No Waiting!

  • Ah, yes. Cover art is a blessing and a curse. While the emo haircut on boy 2 might work. The mullet on boy 1 is a painful reminder of Dad’s yearbook photo from the 1980’s.

  • She should totally go with boy 2 with the emo haircut… Mullet boy has made it abundantly clear he makes poor choices! Emo boy would still look cool today. Just because Mullet boy is a catch doesn’t mean you keep him… Catch and release!!!!