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The Shame of Divorce
Grannies for Fashion

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TV & Video
Electronic Revolution

Direct from the 1980s: cutting edge video and television. To give everyone some historical context, video cameras were just starting to become mainstream when this was published. When I got married in 1982, a cousin brought in a giant video camera to record our day. It was quite the discussion topic. Never saw the video result, but somewhere out there is a video tape of my wedding.

Evidently, this book is part of a set on technology. (See the back cover for other titles) This is still on the shelf of a few public libraries. I doubt that the parents of today’s youth remember this stuff.

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wristwatch video

video equipment

video use in medical equipment



  1. Definitely too old, but brings back memories. I did a project in Library School filming the law librarian using state of the art video equipment in 1970/1. The project was fun to do, but handling the camera, recorder and Video playback monitor was a scary proposition because of the cost of the equipment. We were told $5000 and remember this was 1970!

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